Agile Marketing – Like a Tailored Suit

Imagine you are in Thailand for a week and you want a tailored suit to wear to your friend’s wedding. You visit three tailors near your hotel.

Each tailor has great samples, of course, and it’s hard to decide. The trick to picking the best tailor is asking which process they use.

The same thing goes when using different marketing agencies. In this article, we will discuss Agile Marketing by comparing it to having a bespoke suit made.

Marketing Campaigns are Like Suits

Just like a suit has to be hand crafted according to the owner’s measurements and choice of fabric, a campaign needs to be designed specifically for a company and its target audience.

We will explore three scenarios showing how a tailored suit could be made by different types of tailors and how they are analogous to campaign building by an agency.

A Regular Tailor

He simply takes your measurements, asks you to choose a fabric, and then gives you a time to pick your suit up.

The problem is, when you pick it up, the suit is terrible quality. It is poorly constructed, doesn’t fit you properly and makes you look fat. Worse, there is no time left for alterations.

No company wants to hire a marketing agency like a regular tailor.

A Good Tailor

A good tailor pays more attention to detail than the normal tailor. You still get measured and get to select the fabric. However, the tailor asks you to come back in 3 days to check the fit and make modifications. When you pick the suit up, it’s not great but it’s wearable.

The problem is, if there is an emergency and you need the suit a day earlier, it won’t be ready. You’ll fly out with an unwearable suit.

Although a marketing agency that works like this can still deliver results, they can’t handle moving deadlines, which happens all the time.

An Amazing Tailor

An amazing tailor always puts the customer’s needs first. Aside from measuring and choosing the fabric, this tailor wants to know what’s most important to you. Is it be the pockets? Fit across the shoulders? Finishing?

An amazing tailor insists you to come back in 2 days to check the fit and make modifications. Additionally, a day before the scheduled pick up, he asks you to drop by briefly to make sure you like all the priority elements.

When there is an emergency and you need the suit a day earlier, the suit is still excellent. Some low priority elements might not be present, but it’s definitely wearable.

A marketing agency that works like an amazing tailor not only delivers the best results, but can also handle changing priorities and moving deadlines.

Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing is just like the amazing tailor. It is a process for building campaigns that has fewer risks as it recognizes that things can go wrong, priorities change and timelines move. Just like an amazing tailor, an agency using Agile Marketing understands your priorities and works on them first.

In Agile Marketing, you get constant feedback because your campaigns are continuously refined so you get great results.

Agile Marketing focuses on the customer – what they want and their priorities. Just like an amazing tailor wants a customer to see a suit in progress, Agile Marketing practices the ultimate transparency.


Marketing Agencies that use Agile Marketing focus on their customers, can handle changing priorities, and are able to finish on time. In this way, they produce better results while giving visibility at all times to their clients.

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