The Truth About Agile Marketing Benefits

Do you understand where Agile Marketing can add value to your business? Agile Marketing sounds great in theory; but do you know how much of it is real? How it applies to your company?

We examine 5 common claims by agile marketers and the truth behind them.

1. Speed-to-Market


Agile is the perfect methodology to gain the ‘first mover’ advantage.

The facts

True. Instead of building a behemoth, full-featured marketing plan, Agile encourages short plan-and-execute cycles.

These fortnightly or monthly ‘sprints’ allow you to get campaigns or content out faster and leverage what you learnt in the last cycle. The philosophy of Agile is ‘try it, learn from it and adjust’. Releasing better campaigns/content at a greater speed means results will flow on to sales faster.


  • Management may insist on fully-fleshed 6-12 month marketing plans.
  • Email marketing or marketing automation software is essential to execute in such short cycles.
  • Reliance on external, non-agile agencies can be a major bottleneck.

2. Productivity in Agile Marketing


Agile Marketing results in greater productivity through efficient management and better prioritization.

The facts

True. Marketing teams are overwhelmed with requests, actions and deliverable that are sent to them on a daily basis. Agile Marketing gives you the prioritization and synchronization to know which activities are critical and which can be delayed.

Agile Marketing actively encourages the reduction of management overhead. There are no useless daily meetings, no irrelevant documentation, and fewer paper artifacts.


  • Marketing teams will be restive to adopting a new process.
  • Shared software platforms are key to preventing soloed work.

3. Lower Risk


Agile Marketing lowers the risk of campaigns failing due to non-delivery or poor ROI.

The facts

True. Risk is reduced due to shorter cycles. Early versions (or sub-sections) of campaigns/content can be released to test groups. Feedback helps evolve the marketing message and lowers the risk of poor ROI.

In Agile Marketing, stakeholders prioritize their requests, and everyone can see the resources available and discuss how those resources should best be deployed.

The clear visibility in agile marketing helps to ensure that any necessary decisions can be taken at the earliest possible opportunity, while there’s still time to make a material difference to the outcome.


  • Marketing software is key for measuring campaign success and segmenting test groups.
  • Traditional marketing such as mass media or trade shows do not benefit as much from feedback & testing, due to their long time-frames and upfront investment

4. Increases Customer Engagement


Agile Marketing encourages marketing teams to produce content that engages prospects and customers.

True. Agile Marketing shifts focus away from the company to the customer. The methodology is built on ‘user stories’, which means marketers produce content and campaigns directly addressing customer needs at all stages of the buying cycle.


  • High volumes of content are often discovered, which can overwhelm novices to Agile.
  • Requires in-depth knowledge of prospects and customers, often resulting in more research work.

5. Transparency & Cooperation


Agile marketing allows management and sales to clearly see what marketing is working on.

True. Agile marketing makes it much easier for everyone to know what ‘user stories’ marketing are working, as well as what is in the backlog (queue). Rather than long winded marketing plans no-one reads, marketing activities are captured simply and clearly.

The benefit is that management and sales can understand and provide feedback or help on activities.


  • Marketers can be restive to transparency in their work, as it can expose low productivity.

Hopefully, you now understand the benefits of Agile marketing and the potential pitfalls which can impede your company adopting Agile Marketing.

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