Social Media Marketing – Explained in 4 Easy Points

Have trouble explaining Social Media Marketing to others? Everyone has their own definition; however, none of them are easy to understand or remember. Here, we break down Social Networking Marketing into 4 easy to remember points.

Social Media Marketing is a Strategy

Social Media Marketing is a marketing strategy whose aim is to attract customers through social media sites. A mix of inbound marketing (e.g. distributing useful content) or outbound marketing (buying advertising space) can be used.

That Amplifies Word-of-Mouth

The goal of social media marketing is to encourage positive comments and content from prospects online, so that their peers will be favorably influenced.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most credible forms of advertising because it comes from people who won’t gain personally by promoting a company.

By Targeting Engaged Audiences

There are a 3 main ways to target users of social media sites:

Through existing relationships – a company can encourage their prospects and customers to share favourable content with their peers.

Through influencers – a company can use key people with large networks (influencers) to promote them to their audience.

Through paid advertising – a company can pay for ad space sold by the social media site which targets a pre-defined segment.

To Generate Referrals

Social Media Marketing ultimately aims to generate referral business. Whether it is directly, through lead generation or indirectly, through brand exposure, the goal is to drive sales through online referrals.

And there you go — 4 easy points to answer the question, “What is Social Media Marketing?”

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