3 Ways Website Personalisation is Like a Waiter

It’s easy to compare common real-life experiences with web experiences to realize why website personalisation is so important.

Picture this – you walk into a restaurant, but there’s no sign of any waiter or menu. When you do find them, the waiter is rude, and the menu is out-of-date and useless. You don’t get the attention and service you came in for. Now, would you want to go back to this restaurant?

You may be surprised to find that your current website is pretty much behaving just like this restaurant if you are not using any website personalisation. The problem is that even if people do visit your site, they are not going to come back, unless they are drawn to something new and personal to them. You want your visitors to have an emotional connection to the content of your site.

1. The Difference with a Good Restaurant

What makes a good restaurant different? As soon as you show up, the waiter accommodates you and hands you a very descriptive menu. He will even help you decide by providing suggestions. He will provide a lot of value by doing all of this. Overall, you will get that personalized attention that makes you feel good. This feeling is consistent as well, each time you visit. The overall experience is predictable.

In a bad restaurant, no one remembers you and you get treated differently each visit. There is a lack of consistency and no personalisation. Service can be non-existent. That is the internet equivalent of seeing a page without a way to order what you want or having a wrong phone number listed.

There is a huge difference between websites with personalisation and those without.

2. What You Need in Website Personalisation

Just like a waiter profiles a visitor and personalizes his approach, there are two components required in website personalisation – an analytics engine and a content-management system. This analytics engine remembers visitors’ preferences and gets a really good sense of who they are. It allows individuals to be profiled in terms of location, company, etc. This will help visitors navigate through the website with relevant content.

Using a content-management system like WordPress allows content to be created and then selected for particular personas. Are your visitors interested in sales content or marketing content? Are they looking for HR-related content or something else?

A marketing platform like Marketo contains an analytics engine and content-management system that allows you to profile and manage offers to show the suitable content to the right people.

3. What You’re Missing Out On

The big difference in terms of business between a bad waiter and a good waiter for a restaurant is repeat business. How many clients don’t go back after having a bad waiter experience? You are paying money to advertise your business so you want people to get in the door, not only once but multiple times. Personalisation is the key to this return business. The same goes for your website. If you have a high volume of people getting in the door but they are not going back, then you are not making money.

Don’t be the business who doesn’t give itself the best chance of repeat business. Give your visitors a unique and predictable experience each and every time they come back. They will come back.

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