The New Australian Privacy Principles in Plain English

Are you ready for the new Australian Privacy Principles (APP) coming in March 2014? If not, you could soon be personally feeling the sting.

Australia will be following suit with Europe and Asia, where fines and increased enforcement are now the norm. As a director, you will be personally liable (up to $340,000) and your company could be fined up to $1.7 million if you don’t comply

As the marketer responsible, you could lose your job.

The New Australian Privacy Principles Don’t Affect Start-ups

The new APP only applies to companies that have an annual turnover of more than $3million.

However, a good practice for any company is to maintain the spirit of APP1. Namely, a company should be transparent in the management of personal information by having a privacy policy completely free of legal jargon and is understandable by any consumer or layperson.

Even if you fall under the $3 million mark, the APP still applies to you if:

  • You collect health information, or
  • You are in the business of trading personal information (e.g. affiliate marketers, database providers)

In which case all of the below apply to you.

Implement Robust Opt-out Management

It’s likely you already have opt-out links on your emails; however, with the new Australian Privacy Principles,you need to make sure your setup is rock solid.

APP 7 prohibits direct marketing by businesses, unless you provide a simple means by which the individual may easily request not to receive direct marketing communications from the organisation.

Recommended steps:

  • Sync your CRM with your email platform real-time: to ensure your opt-out settings are not incorrect because they are out-of-sync
  • De-duplicate your data: and ensure you have a process to prevent duplicates in the future – you can’t maintain accurate opt-out data if you have duplicate contacts
  • Embed an opt-out link in email templates: so staff cannot forget or remove them
  • Regularly audit your opt-out process: to ensure it is working correctly
  • Do not require a login to opt-out or manage subscription preferences


So now is the time to get your subscription options all in order, so you’re not scrambling next month after the new law is already eligible for enforcement.

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