Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation: Like Romeo & Juliet

Just like Romeo & Juliet belonged to warring families, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation belong to competing companies. ‘Inbound Marketing’ was coined by Hubspot and ‘Marketing Automation’ was popularized by Eloqua and Marketo.

Because of this history and bad blood, there is a perception that Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation are foes when in fact, they can easily become lovers.

Here, we explain how and why they should be used together, rather than used separately.

What Do Fish Have to Do With it?

Back to our fishing analogy– Inbound Marketing strategy is like using bait to attract and catch fish.

The main issue with bait fishing is that many of the fish you catch are too small to eat. You have to throw most of them back.

Marketing Automation software is like putting these small fish in a fish farm and feeding them ’till they are big enough to eat.

Catching Fish Isn’t Enough

Inbound marketing is a highly effective strategy, but in isolation, it will fail for most companies. Why? Because it’s like fishing in a lake. At the beginning its fine, but pretty soon you run out of big fish and keep wasting your time catching the same little fish.

On average, only 20% of B2B leads are sales-ready when they first come in. Without a process to nurture these leads until they become sales-ready, your sales team is wasting up to 50% more sales they could be closing.

Farming Fish Isn’t Enough

Marketing Automation is a great tool, but in isolation, it will fail for most companies. Why? Because it’s like keeping a fish farm, you can’t just stock it once and forget about it. If you don’t keep a steady flow of new fish, pretty soon you’ll have none left.

Marketing databases have a tendency to expire at a rate of 25% a year. Marketing Automation software which relies too heavily on the quality of databases is limited by this overturn. Without a strategy to keep a steady flow of leads coming into your Marketing Automation software, your sales team will quickly run out of qualified leads.

Catching & Farming Fish

Firstly, Inbound Marketing is a strategy whereas Marketing Automation is a software tool. It makes sense you need both a strategy and a tool to execute that strategy.

In the fishing example, it’s obvious that catching and farming fish will produce more edible fish than either use along.

In the same way, combining inbound marketing strategy with marketing automation software is more effective than using either separately. Companies that have implemented both see:

  • 50% more sales leads at 33% lower cost per lead
  • better sales productivity and 33% higher revenue
  • 61% reduction in cost per lead

Hopefully, you should now understand how Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation can be used together and the benefits of doing so.

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