What is Inbound Marketing – Explained in 4 Easy Points

Have trouble explaining Inbound Marketing to others? Everyone has their own definition. However, none of them are easy to understand or remember.

Here, we break down inbound marketing strategy into 4 easy to remember points.

Inbound Marketing is a Strategy

Inbound Marketing is a marketing strategy; not a tool or software. Rather than the traditional ‘interruption’ style of marketing, inbound marketing aims to attract customers to you.

Inbound vs. traditional marketing is like fishing with bait vs. fishing with a spear; one attracts the fish (prospects) and the other disturbs them.

Using Digital Channels

Inbound Marketing relies mostly on customers searching for solutions related to your company, either through a search engine or through social media.

The 4 major channels targeted are:

  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • Websites found via a Search Engine
  • Pay-per-click Advertising (found via a Search Engine)

Offering Free Content

Inbound Marketing attracts customers by providing free useful content. Useful content is not a sales pitch or advertising. Useful content is something of value to a potential customer – something they might pay for.

To Capture Mindshare

In Inbound Marketing, free content is the tactic used to build a relationship between a prospect and your brand. Inbound Marketing’s goal is to position your brand strongly at the earliest stages of buying, often before a prospect needs your product. This way, you capture mindshare and your company is well positioned to be chosen as the vendor/provider when a prospect becomes ready to buy.

And there you go – 4 easy points to answer the question: What is Inbound Marketing? Read how inbound is different to outbound marketing.

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