Marketing Automation – Explained in 5 Easy Points

Having troubles explaining Marketing Automation to others? Everyone has their own definition. However, none of them are easy to understand or remember. Here, we break down Marketing Automation into 5 easy to remember points.

Marketing Automation is Software

Marketing Automation is a software tool that Marketers use which automates traditionally complex or time-consuming marketing activities. Just like accountants used to manually track expenses, now an accounting package tracks it for them. Marketing Automation Software does the equivalent for marketers.

For example, traditionally, you needed to manually ‘clean’ data in Excel, now you can use Marketing Automation Software to create a simple filter which does this automatically.

That Enables Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing is about connecting consumers to brands more strongly by “engaging” them in a dialogue and two-way cooperative interaction.

Engagement Marketing…

  • IS NOT emailing your entire customer list a generic ‘buy now’ email
  • IS sending a targeted offer to customers which have shown repeated interest in a product

Through Two-Dimensional Communication

Both company and consumer are listening to each other — interacting, learning and growing from the process.

Marketing Automation Software provides the mechanism to listen to consumers by monitoring their online behavior, e.g. website visits, email clicks and social sharing. Without monitoring, there can only be one-way communication, which is a key cause of Spam.

Allowing You to Respect Customers

The philosophy of Marketing Automation is that consumers should be engaged in the sales process when they want and by which channels they prefer. This is the opposite of traditional ‘Interruption’ marketing such as TV advertising or telemarketing.

Through their online behavior, consumers can ‘raise their hand’ when they are ready to buy or talk to a sales representative. Contacting consumers before this time is perceived as ‘interruption’ and detrimental to your brand.

But it’s Not Magic

Marketing Automation Software is just technology. Technology can accelerate bad marketing just as easily as good marketing. If your strategy is broken, your staff have outdated skills or you have a poor process, Marketing Automation will sink your marketing boat all the faster

And there you go, 5 easy points explaining Marketing Automation Software. Did we answer your questions? Share your thoughts below. If you want to learn more, take a look at available Marketing Automation services in the market today.

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