Marketing Automation Quiz: Do I Need It?

Find out if your company is ready to adopt marketing automation. This five- minute quiz evaluates if you are experiencing any of the tell-tale signs that indicate you need marketing automation.

High-Level Marketing Automation

  • Do you have a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing with very little personalisation?
  • Are you short on resources and don’t have much bandwidth for marketing initiatives?
  • Do you have a complex solution which involves a number of touch points with a customer, occurring over a long period of time and at various levels and areas of decision-making?


  • Are your prospects often under contract with another provider or simply not ready to buy in the short term?
  • Do you have a good amount of content produced locally or from the head office, but are challenged with getting it out to your local prospects and customers?
  • Do you have different types of marketing channels (such as pay-per-click, email, webinars, events, tradeshows, social media) all working independently and not integrated?
  • Do you have no way to track valuable metrics like click-through or opportunities created from specific email campaigns?


  • Do you have some kind of CRM system that captures your customer’s information and sales activities, but no segmentation or ability to link to marketing campaigns for segmentation? Do you rely on constantly exporting and importing data?
  • Do you have minimal insight of the success of your marketing and ROI linked back to your sales and rely on your sales teams to identify where leads come from? This means that your marketing budgets are allocated based on guesswork.
  • You don’t have enough data from your customers to help customize communication (i.e. you rely on minimal information to run your targeted marketing).
  • You have a CRM but it can’t handle any of your marketing needs like marketing automation does.

Lead-Management Related

  • Your sales and marketing resources have little or major clashes in agreement of marketing activities(your sales team thinks marketing is not pulling its weight).
  • You don’t have enough resources or time to nurture prospects on your database, so your marketing automation and sales teams are always targeting short-term leads.
  • Your sales team does not think that the leads that marketing sends through are qualified, and they find it a waste of time to chase prospects without any way of determining their level of interest.
  • Do you have no formal process in place for assigning leads, qualifying them and moving them through the sales cycle?

If you answered yes more than three times, then you are likely ready for marketing automation.

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