Tackling the Biggest Challenges of Social Media Marketing with Marketing Automation

Social Media Marketing is not without its challenges. These issues can often prevent companies adopting social media plans at all. Here, we explain why social media marketing and marketing automation work well together and should be used together.

1. Measure ROI of Social Media Marketing

The impact of Social Media Marketing on a company’s bottom line is notoriously hard to measure. In fact, 44% of companies cite this as a challenge.

How Marketing Automation Helps

Marketing automation allows you to track exactly (through analytics) how your prospects are interacting with your social content.

Marketing automation attributes the influence of social media to each prospect. When a prospect converts, Marketing Automation allows an accurate ROI to be attributed back to the social channel, as well as particular social campaigns or ads.

2. Generating Sales/Business Activity

40% of companies say that generating sales from social media is a major challenge, but this has less to do with revenue and more to do with a lack of visibility.

Most companies can’t actually tell whether this channel is generating sales or not, since they can’t measure ROI accurately. Also, companies struggle to understand what kind of up-lift their regular campaigns are getting from social media, which means this contribution is lost.

How Marketing Automation Helps

Marketing Automation is key to measuring how much revenue can be linked back to social channels. This ability allows companies to determine: how much sales/business activity is being generated?

Marketing Automation also allows all of your campaigns to be social, through sharing, social incentives, social media landing pages, etc. More importantly, Marketing Automation can show you exactly how much social lift a ‘regular’ campaign received from social media.

3. Updating Regularly

Companies struggle to update regularly, mainly due to constraints around staff time. In fact, staff time is of the main costs of social media marketing. Social media marketing can take 6-11 hours of a marketer’s time and companies with social teams can easily spend $200K per year on social media marketing.

How Marketing Automation Helps

Firstly, posts can be scheduled automatically, which can save a lot of time. Secondly, Marketing Automation can automate the monitoring and alerts around posts aimed at your company. Lastly, Marketing Automation allows you to easily add social components to your campaigns, reducing manual effort.

As you can see, Marketing Automation is very effective at overcoming the main challenges that companies face implementing Social Media Marketing. There are many advantages to using them together, especially when combined with inbound marketing.

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