Marketo Login – 5 Checks Pros Make After Every Login

Before you drive your car, do you check if the wheels are inflated? How about the fuel gauge or the oil level? Most people don’t bother; they just jump in and drive.

In contrast, a race-car driver will always do these checks, because he  knows the consequences of an engine overheating or a flat tire while racing; it can be fatal. This is the difference between an expert and novice driver.

Marketo is no different. After every marketo login, expert users will always perform a quick check on the system because they understand what might happen if something is broken or close to breaking.

Here, I’m going to reveal the checklist every pro Marketo user makes after a Marketo login.

1. Check if Marketo Munchkin tracking is working

Marketo Munchkin tracking is like the headlights of a car. Without them, Marketo can’t ‘see’. If your Marketo Munchkin code is not working, triggers wont work, which means most campaigns will fail. Also, valuable analytics data are not being collected.

Of course, you should have a weekly health check to make sure your Munchkin code hasn’t been accidentally removed from your website, but this isn’t enough.

Just because your car headlights aren’t smashed, doesn’t mean they will work. You need to turn them on to be sure.

The easiest way to do this is the Web Page visits report in Analytics. Check the date of the last web visit, it should be recent.

2. Check if CRM Sync is active

The CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc) sync is the fuel tank of Marketo; it’s mandatory to check the gauge! If the sync is not working, you run the risk of duplicate leads, data being overwritten, and campaigns not functioning correctly.

This one is super easy to check if you are an admin. Simply go to the sync page in the Admin section of Marketo and check the data the last sync occurred, it’s listed at the top right hand of the page.

If you aren’t an admin, after a Marketo login, you can check the Notifications tab – see below for more details.

3. Check the campaign queue after Marketo login

The Marketo campaign queue is like the oil in your car. It is not something you really think to check (and may not be immediately obvious as a cause of issue) but it can cause big problems!

The campaign queue is the place to check to prevent your Marketo from getting overloaded. The main thing to look for is too many triggers operating at once. This can cause a variety of hard to diagnose issues like triggers launching long after they should have.

You can find the campaign queue in Marketing Activities. It’s a tab and can be tricky to spot.

4. Check Notifications

The Notifications tab in Marketo is like your car’s dashboard; it has lots of nice lights to show you if there are any issues you should look into.

Among other things, the notifications will tell you if the CRM sync or if a particular campaign failed. You can also subscribe to these alerts, which is a good idea when you are new to Marketo.

You can find the Notifications tab under My Marketo as a tab after a Marketo login.

5. Check personal time zone and Marketo time zone

This check is for admins who use a variety of Marketo logins or have multiple Marketo instances. It’s like adjusting the seat and the mirrors; you have to do it when you are driving someone else’s car, or the very first time you drive yours.

I include this one because it gets me every time. Without this check, you end up imaging problems simply because you are looking at the wrong time zone.

You need to make sure your personal time zone AND your instance time zone is correct. These can be found in the Admin section of Marketo.

Remember this little check list after your next Marketo login.  Also check out our available Marketo services. It will prevent many potential problems and save you a lot of headaches. If you have any other favourite checks, please drop us a note and we will include it.

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