Marketo Launchpoint vs. the Rest

When comparing marketing and email automation tools, it is very important to consider the strength of their ecosystem, partnerships and integration. One quick way to gauge all three is by comparing their respective market places.

In this article, we give you a quick snapshot of the major player’s market places compared to Marketo Launchpoint.

Marketo Launchpoint

Launched in November 2012, Marketo Launchpoint is one year old and has grown quickly since. It has 30+ service partners and 200+ application partners. However, in terms of actual integrations, Marketo only lists 12 ‘Marketo Integrated’ products.

Marketo has a dedicated developer site ( and an open API. It also has a well-defined application on-boarding process. With this, expect Marketo Launchpoint to grow quickly together with other Marketo services.

ExactTarget’s HubExchange

HubExchange is less than one year old (launched in Jul 2013), making it a recent edition to the market. It has less apps than that of Marketo Launchpoint, with 79 listed. However, a greater percentage are actually integrated with ExactTarget.

HubExchange is separate to ExactTarget’s partner site, the Orange Partner network. ExactTarget has only 9 service partners listed, much less than Marketo Launchpoint. ExactTarget excels in channel partners, with a whopping 99+ partners listed.

ExactTarget does not have a dedicated developer site. However, it does have an open API and API documentation. With ExactTarget’s purchase by Salesforce, it will be interesting to see if ExactTarget can leverage Salesforce’s massive App Exchange.

Hubspot’s Marketplace

Launched in July 2011, Marketplace is 2 years old. It is quite large, with 240+ service partners and unlike Marketo Launchpoint, it has a rich set (500+) of 3rd party design templates.

However, Hubspot’s Marketplace has a conspicuous lack of 3rd party applications, which is odd considering it has a dedicated developer site and an open API.  This is likely because Hubspot has an overly rigorous ‘Marquee’ integration classification for apps and does not promote the ‘API only’ apps.

Eloqua’s Appcloud

Launched in Jul 2011, Eloqua’s Applcoud is 2 years old. It has a respectable 100+ integrated apps listed; this is quite a few more than Marketo Launchpoint.

However, developers wishing to build apps for the AppCloud after January 1st, 2014 must join Oracle Partner Network, so expect the rate of newly-built apps to drop significantly.

Eloqua does have a dedicated developer site in their Topliners community. Also, its partner listing is separate from the Appcloud and lists a quite small number of partners with 35 in total.

Pardot App Center

Pardot’s App Center is quite small, with 30+ apps listed. However, it does not have a dedicated marketplace site.

Pardot does have a dedicated developer and an open API. In addition, its site lists 35+ partners, but this is significantly less than that of Marketo Launchpoint.

In conclusion, it is clear that Marketo Launchpoint is a very strong contender and in the main trumps in its competitor’s market places. Only ExactTarget’s Hubexchange is at a similar level. This reflects well on the strength of Marketo’s ecosystem, partnerships and integration.

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