Marketo Support – How to Get Cases Solved Faster

Most Marketo users think that Marketo Support is the first line of help at Marketo. However, did you know that the Marketo Community Knowledgebase has a wealth of easy to access information?

In this article, we share insider tips to get your Marketo issues resolved the fastest possible way.

Check the Marketo Community First

It is always faster to find an answer in the Marketo Community compared to going through support. 99% of the time, your issue will have already been asked and answered in the community.

The Community is available 24 x 7 and finding an answer in the community usually takes a few minutes rather than waiting for an available Technical Support Engineer. The trick is to know how to search the community effectively.

Is it Really a Marketo Support Issue?

Many Marketo customers do not realise what support actually does.

Marketo Support troubleshoots and investigates technical issues.

That’s it. Marketo Support does not:

If you require these kinds of services, contact a Marketo partner at Launchpoint. If you require someone to troubleshoot a technical issue, then contact support.

Contacting Marketo Support

For that 1% of the time you really can’t find an answer on the Marketo Community, contacting support can be done in several ways:

  • logging a case through
  • emailing support at
  • calling your local Marketo support number:
Americas Europe, Middle East, & Africa Australia and New Zealand
Hours: M-F, 6am to 6pm PacificToll Free US: +1.877.270.6586

Direct: +1.650.376.2302

Hours: M-F, 8am to 5pm GMTEurope: +353 (0)1 242 3030

UK: 0800 151 3030

Hours: M-F, 9am to 6pm Aus ESTANZ: +61 2 9045 2701


Observed Holidays Observed Holidays Observed Holidays
New Year’s Day
Independence Day
Thanksgiving Day and
the Day After
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day
Easter Monday
Christmas Day
St. Stephen’s Day
New Year’s Day, Australia Day
Labour Day, Easter Monday
ANZAC Day, Queen’s Birthday
Christmas Day, Boxing Day


Your First Time

If you have never interacted with Support before, we recommend you log a case through support or call. Should you have any access issues, you can reach out to  A full list of Support services and contact information can be found on the Support Datasheet.

Provide Lots of Detail

The more you help the support team, the faster your issue will be resolved. It’s in your own interest. Marketo Support is not all knowing. They cannot see your screen. They cannot instantly know what issue you are having. They don’t always know the answer.

In order for them to help you, will need to provide detailed information. When you create a case, you should prefer having too much information, rather than not enough. You need to be clear and specific.

As a minimum, you should answer the following questions:

What is the error you are seeing?

If you can’t articulate the error, then support can’t find it. Simply saying “my campaign isn’t working” is a waste of everybody’s time. Be clear of what the error or issue is.

The best way to do this is take screenshots, lots of them. You can never send too many screenshots of the problem to support. Also, send FULL screenshots – not snippet/small screenshots. Make sure you include the URL in the screenshot.

Where is the error occurring?

Mention what section and screen you are looking at. Even better, include a URL link from your browser of the asset, campaign or report you having an issue with. This will vastly accelerate the process. This way support can simply click on the link, log-in and hopefully see your issue immediately.

What steps do you take to see the error?

Marketo support needs to be able to reproduce the error you are seeing, so you need to provide the steps you were doing just prior to the error.

This is necessary for several reasons:

  • it helps support troubleshoot
  • it helps support find a workaround
  • if the error is a bug, they can feed it back to the Marketo developers in engineering easily

Either way, this will speed up the resolution of your issue.

Be Nice

They are people too. Just because you are frustrated, don’t take it out on them. Being understanding and respectful will get you a much better level of service; it’s just human nature.

Also, listen to suggestions. Marketo Support knows more about the inner workings of Marketo than anyone else. If they make a suggestion, listen to them, they are trying to help you.  Users that won’t listen to suggestions are users that don’t want to be helped in the first place.

We hope you enjoyed these insider tips. Follow them to the letter and we guarantee your Marketo issues will be solved faster.

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