Marketo's only platinum partner in APAC

Founded by ex-Marketo staff, Hoosh is the #1 Launchpoint Partner for Marketo technology, strategy and campaign services.

We help Marketo customers deliver exceptional results by implementing superior strategy with highly integrated, cutting-edge marketing technology.

Marketo Products

2-Way SMS

SMS is a simple and effective way to engage with leads and customers. Hoosh's 2-Way SMS solution allows you to plan, launch and monitor SMS campaigns directly from Marketo, tracking results and measuring ROI.

Email Template Builder

The Email Template Builder is a tool that allows customers to easily create responsive and customized email templates for Marketo, with no coding or technical knowledge required. Using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can build entire emails within minutes and save costs.

Wordpress Integration

With WordPress Integration for Marketo you can increase content engagement in your website and save time by reducing manual work. Send automated emails with your blog posts and digests, easily create newsletters and use Marketo enabled forms in your pages. You can also take a step further and personalize your website content according to your visitors’ interests.

Magento Integration

Supercharge your Magento store with Marketo. Identify visitors' interests from the first click and provide a personalized experience in your store. For the visitors that leave without purchasing, implement a highly targeted cart abandonment program, so they can return and buy.

Health Checker

Ensure your Marketo is healthy in less than 30 seconds. Our Free Health Checker tool generates an instant report verifying your email deliverability, possible code breaks in email and landing pages, URLs and reports on your campaigns, so you can ensure everything works properly.

Marketo Training

Run best practice campaigns in under 90 days with Hoosh University Online Learning. The training was developed by pioneers in the marketing automation space and provides a combination of digital marketing theory and practical hands-on Marketo exercises.

Offline Forms

Use Marketo Offline Forms to capture leads details in Events & Tradeshows with no Internet connection. You can switch your Marketo Landing Page to offline mode and the data captures will be synced with Marketo once Internet connection is restored.

Marketo Services

B2B Implementation

Hoosh team helps businesses leverage technology to gain business advantage. Providing you technology needs under one roof, our team will bring efficient solutions, integrations, and marketing automation strategies to deliver the best customer experience.

B2C Implementation

Hoosh is Marketo’s #1 Partner for B2C. With extensive experience in the Industry, we perform full Marketo implementations, considering not only the technology point on view, but also customers’ specific needs and business strategies in order to provide best-practice use of the platform.

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Hoosh's consultants have deep understanding of the Marketo platform, as well as the entire Marketing environment and latest technologies. We can help you develop your Marketo campaign end-to-end, from strategy to implementation, contemplating email, SMS, Nurture Retargeting and other digital channels.

CRM Integrations

Our team can fully integrate your Marketo with the main CRM platforms, such as Salesforce, Sugar and MS Dynamics. Along with the customer, we develop the systems architecture strategy and define the information that needs to be synced, customizing the integration to their specific needs.

Email templates

Using the technology of our Email Template Builder, we plan and design your Email Templates. Our team can develop a brand new design based on your branding guidelines, create the html coding with customized functionalities and execute extensive testing to guarantee the template works across all email clients.

Guided Landing Page Templates

Using the technology of our Guided Landing Pages for Marketo, we develop 100% customized and Marketo-compatible landing pages based on each customer’s needs and strategy.

Customer Experience Strategy

Through deep study of the customer buying journey, Hoosh can help you create a best-practice customer experience strategy and develop a winning plan to engage with your leads using the right content and channels at each lifecycle stage.

Advanced Reporting (RCA)

Through the development of a Revenue Cycle Analysis, our customers can obtain a critical view of their current Marketo campaigns, analyzing their performance by campaign, channels and other attributions in order to improve their results.

Nurture Retargeting

Lead nurturing is a proven strategy, however only targets a low percentage of website visitors. Our exclusive Nurture Retargeting technology allows you to nurture anonymous visitors through retargeting with highly targeted messages based on their lifecycle stage, product interest and persona profile.

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