SMS for Marketo – The Definitive Guide [Part 1]

In this 2-part article we cover every way you can use SMS as a channel in Marketo, from basic one-way SMS to hacking 2-way using forms to full enterprise-level SMS solutions.

SMS for Marketo – The Definitive Guide [Part 2]

In our previous article (part 1), we covered SMS basics and how to send SMS from Marketo using webhooks. We also briefly touched on several ways to do 2-way SMS in Marketo. In this article (part 2), we cover the first two methods on how to handle inbound SMS: the Marketo Form Hack & Custom Gateway integration.

Marketo Broke My Email – Now What?

Your email was looking just great, until you made one minor change in Marketo and now it’s totally broken!

Don’t worry, this is a common scenario and it’s not always Marketo’s fault.

In this article we help you diagnose the culprit and suggest remedial steps to fix your email.

Stop 99% of Your Spam Leads with Marketo

Every marketer is familiar with spam leads, but when the volume gets too high it becomes an expensive problem for SDRs and sales reps to wade through.

Marketo has an in-built mechanism to block spam - however it isn't always effective. Luckily, there is a simple way to cut 99% of spam leads.

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