Article Writing Services – Best 5 Reviewed

Content MarketingArticle writing is one of the most effective ways to showcase your company’s products or services. With everyone relying on a Google search to find answers, it is important that you are visible in the search results. With a lot on your to-do list, writing the content yourself may not be enough. Hiring content writers will not only save you time and effort, but will also ensure that your articles are optimized to appear in search engines.

Here, we give you 5 of the best article writing services around.

1. Natasha Nixon

Recommended when you need quality articles for guest blogging

Gymnic Physio Ball 120cm Fitness Ball – Fitness and Bodybuilding Balls aromex espace le lavoir in fabrègues, espace le lavoir.Natasha Nixon is an article provider with 100% positive rating on Fivver, where they started offering article writing services about 2 years ago. SEO Articles and Authority Content are their specializations, priced at $1.25/100 words and $7.97/100 words respectively. The higher rate of Authority Content comes with extensive research, written by published authors and journalists, and are proofread by their editing team.  They also offer unlimited revisions and money back guarantee.

2. iWriter

Recommended when you need high volume of articles (for your own blog or SEO content)

In iWriter, you can buy cheap articles, for as low $1.25 each. You simply submit your request along with special instructions, and one of their many writers will be sending your article within a few hours. You have the option to reject the article if you are not satisfied, and your request will go back to the queue. This can be time-consuming sometimes, especially if you have to keep rejecting articles. It is suggested to hire the Elite writers as the couple extra dollars you spend translates to higher quality articles.

3. Scripted

Recommended when you need quality articles (for guest blogging or your own blog)

Scripted uses technology that will match you to a freelance writer according to guidelines you provide such as target audience, tone, and voice. This way, you don’t have to go through a tedious hiring process and still get the best writer for the job. Pricing for a standard blog post is at $49, long blog posts at $59, and press releases at $149. Your content request will be completed in as early as 3 business days.

4. oDesk

Recommended for building a contractor content team

oDesk Is a large community of freelancers, consisting of not only content writers, but also web developers, graphic designers, and virtual assistants. By allowing employers to provide ratings and leave feedback on finished projects, you can find the right fit.You can also see work-in-progress through screenshots on hourly contracts.However, you will have to do all the HR tasks yourself – from recruiting, hiring, to managing employees.

5. Textbroker

Recommended when you need high volume of articles (for your own blog or SEO content)

Textbroker offers flexibility in terms of budget and expertise in the content. Before you can place your order, a deposit of at least $25 is required. When you receive your order, you can either accept, request for revision, or reject it. Pricing varies depending on the quality level you are after. Open Order rates start at $0.013 per word and can be up to $0.072 per word. For Direct Orders and Team Orders, rates start at $0.024 per word. If you are looking for the best quality content, go for Expert Orders which cost $0.30 per word.


Have you tried outsourcing your content? Share your experiences with article writing services below.

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