Best Websites: 6 Design Elements that Convert

Your website is by far the most important marketing content you have. Learn how the best websites convert visitors to leads and improve their search rankings by being easy to use and relevant to their target market

According to a report by Optify, the average conversion rate among all B2B websites is 1.60%. However, the best websites average 3.34%.

Here are 6 of the best posts from the top thought leaders in the industry. Read these 6 articles and you’ll be well on your way to increasing your website conversion rate.

1. How to Design a Site Structure Visitors AND Search Engines Love

Beginner Level. By Rebecca Churt on Hubspot Blog

The best websites have intuitive menu structures which help visitors find what they are looking for quickly. This post explains how to map your customer’s goals to a site/menu structure and how to make website navigation easy.

2. 6 ‘About Us’ Pages That Are Probably Better Than Yours

Beginner Level. By Sonja Jacob on Hubspot Blog

The ‘About Us’ page is one of the highest read yet overlooked pages on your site. This article gives examples of ‘About Us’ pages from the best websites and how you can emulate their techniques in your website.

3. Before & After: How to Fix 3 Egregious Website Design Errors

Beginner Level. By Rebecca Churt on Hubspot Blog

How good is your website experience? This post illustrates the common errors made by most websites. Read it to get a quick idea of how your site rates against the best websites. It covers site structure, content-cramming and generic template errors.

4. How to Nail Down the Perfect Website Navigation

Intermediate Level. By Meghan Keaney Anderson on Hubspot Blog

Is your menu structure easy to navigate? Helping your visitors find what they want? This post covers 3 of the best hands-on techniques you can use to improve your website navigation. It also covers 3 ways you can phrase your navigations options and gives some navigation benchmarks.

5. How to Design a Persona-Centric Website Experience

Intermediate Level. By Pamela Vaughan on Hubspot Blog

The best websites are designed with specific buyer personas in mind. These websites know exactly who they are targeting and what is interesting to that audience. This post covers the basics of personas and how to use them to improve your website experience. A must read.

6. 10 Principles of Effective Pricing Pages

Intermediate Level. By Peep Laja on ConversionXL

The effectiveness of your pricing page is key to converting visitors to customers. It needs to be simple, easy to compare plans and limit choice. It needs to help visitors choose a plan. This post examines the tactics used by the best websites to create effective pricing pages.

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