Cart Abandonment – Top 5 Resources to Drive Lost Revenue

When a customer abandons his shopping cart, you lose the chance of getting a sale. However, cart abandonment emails could be just what you need to regain revenue.

According to SaleCycle, the abandoned shopping carts rate in Q3 2013 is 73.9%. This is an outrageous rate; eCommerce site owners need to work harder to convince customers to complete their order.

Here are 5 resources on how to deal with cart abandonment the best way.

1. Cart-abandonment Email Best Practices

Beginner Level. ByArmando Roggio on Practical Ecommerce

This resource provides great advice on how to handle abandoned shopping carts so you will be able to get your customers back. It suggests the best timing – from obtaining email addresses, scheduling email intervals, and sending the first email. You will also learn how to measure, compare, and adapt your shopping cart abandonment email series.

2. 37 Examples of Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails

Beginner Level. By Christian Watson on SmileyCat

This resource provides a list of different sample emails that are commonly used by online retailers when trying to encourage customers to go back to their abandoned shopping carts. It can serve as reference if you need some inspiration in crafting abandoned cart emails that will fit the nature of your business.

3. Nine case studies and info graphics on cart abandonment and email retargeting

Intermediate Level. By David Moth on Econsultancy

This resource cites 9 different reasons of customers for abandoning their shopping carts, along with ways to regain them through email retargeting. Different approaches yield different results, depending on the type of customer, the type of products that you have, and the suitability of the action taken.

4. 5 Best Practices for eCommerce Abandoned Cart Nurturing

Intermediate Level. By Sam Mallikarjunanon HubSpot Blog

When customers don’t complete the checkout process, you should be ready to re-engage them. This resource teaches you the 5 best practices to improve your conversion rate through abandoned cart nurturing. By doing so, you will be able to address as many of them as possible.

5. 14 Tips for Cart Recovery & 10 Emails Deconstructed

Intermediate Level. By Linda Bustos on GetElastic

Using emails coming from companies like Dell, HSN,, and more, this resource dissects the content of recovery emails, pointing out important elements and suggesting improvements. Out of those, you also get 14 to-the-point tips in creating recovery emails.

6. Abandoned basket emails: the good, the bad and the ugly

Advanced Level. By Rhian Simms on Econsultancy

Written in a constructive review manner, this resource will show you samples of abandoned cart emails – both positive and negative. This is surely helpful so you know what to replicate in your own efforts and which ones you should avoid.

Do you think there is something else we should add to this list of resources? Please let us know by dropping a comment below!

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