Content Creation – Top 7 Resources to Improve Your Content Writing Processes & Quality

Why is content writing important? The answer is simple – it allows you to speak to your audience through the internet. These days, when people look for information about something, they go to Google first.

According to the State of Content Marketing 2013, $118.4 billion will be spent on content marketing, video marketing and social media this year. You have to stay relevant if you don’t want to be left behind.

We have put together 7 resources that will improve your content writing processes & quality.

1. 15 Insider Tips for Creating a Content Creation Machine [SlideShare]

Beginner Level. By Anum Hussain on Hubspot Blog

This article gives you proven tips to come up with content faster, easier, and more effectively. You will be surprised how such simple tips will give you many great ideas for your next blog topic.

2. Is Your Content in Great Shape?

Intermediate Level. By Pawan Deshpande on Marketing Profs

This resource teaches you how to use contents of varying lengths and format to step up your marketing strategies and get more mileage. It also talks about the Content Marketing Pyramid and how it can help you create timely and efficient content easily.

3. How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic

Intermediate Level. By Pratik Dholakiya on Copyblogger

There is no such thing as a boring topic for a talented content writer. This resource takes you through creating great content by asking the right questions and knowing what people are interested in. Take a look at the brainstorming tools that will help you find your audience.

4. How to Get Past the 10 Most Debilitating Sources of Writer’s Block [SlideShare]

Intermediate Level. By Corey Eridon on Hubspot Blog

Every content creator has experienced the productivity killer called writer’s block. This resource lists the 10 most common problems in writer’s block, and then identifies the cause for each one and suggests simple solutions to get you back to content writing in no time.

5. Is Long Content King?

Advanced Level. By Molly Hoffmeister on Pardot

This article takes a second look on the claim that longer blog post is better than shorter ones.  Learn about the statistics on how search rankings, social shares, and conversion rates are affected by the length of the length, together with interpretations.

6. Why You Might Want to Be More Negative in Your Marketing

Advanced Level. By Corey Eridon on Hubspot Blog

This resource tells us that sometimes, in content writing, it is good to embrace the negative. You will be provided with 8 opportunities when you can be more negative in your marketing, and then write with a positive outcome that can turn a frown upside down.

7. How to Turn One Idea Into a Bottomless Backlog of Blog Posts

Advanced Level.  By Jay Acunzo on Hubspot Blog

Coming up with an idea for a blog post is challenging, but with the help of this resource, you will have an endless source of inspiration. Learn how to use the idea generator as a tool to produce great story angles you can keep in your treasure chest.

8. Content Development: Our Exact Step by Step Process

Advanced Level. By Michael Schumacher on Schumacher Marketing

This comprehensive guide will take you through 12 chapters of valuable information, from the basics to tactics and strategies to develop winning content.

Did you find a great resource that you feel should be on this list? Please share them by dropping a few words below!

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