Converting Copy – Top 6 Resources to Create a Pricing Page That Converts

When your target customers reach yourpricing page, it’s like seeing a product while walking down the aisle of the grocery store. A quick glance at the price and the back label will be key to your decisions.

According to Marketing Sherpa, getting landing pages built and tested is one of the top five challenges faced by B2B marketers. The following resources will help you face that challenge as you create or modify your current pricing page and convert it to sales.

1. Pricing Pages in Web Design: Getting Users to Sign Up

Beginner Level. By Kayla Knight on Onextrapixel

This resource features 20 best websites pricing pages and things they’re doing right that allowed them to get users to sign up or purchase their packages. The highlights of each pricing page such as design techniques, featured packages, feature lists, and risk-free guarantees will be very helpful in your own web design efforts.

2. The 7-Point Checklist for Powerful Landing Page Copy

Beginner Level. By Corey Eridon on HubspotBlog

This article features best practices in creating a pricing page copy. You will learn about using action and value-oriented language, reader keywords, and writing with the second person, as well as format and consistency.

3. 3 Long-Form Copywriting Tricks You Should Steal

Intermediate Level. By Joanna Wiebe on Unbounce

This resource shows you three tricks based on long-form sales pages that work great in producing a high-converting copy. It features before and after samples, showing how to integrate long-form principles into short-form sales pages. At the end of the article, you will also be given a few specific tweaks you can do to return big results.

4. The 5 Stages of Writing Irresistible Landing Page Copy

Intermediate Level. By  Demian Farnworth on Copyblogger

This resource uses the concept of stage of sophistication to help you choose the right ideas in creating an enticing pricing page copy. You will learn about the headline and sub headline, two terms that are important in each stage. Each stage is demonstrated, along with examples that go through all five stages.

5. How to Write Compelling Landing Page Copy that Converts

Intermediate Level. By Smriti Chawla on Visual Website Optimizer

This article teaches you how to perform subtle persuasion in converting your prospects. Starting with the basics such as knowing your goal and keeping it simple, then continuing with more advanced tips, this article will serve as your guide when creating or tweaking your landing page copy.

6. Coaxing out every possible dollar: a “Pricing Page” test you can launch today

Advanced Level. By Joanna Wiebe on Visual Website Optimizer

After learning the basics of creating a pricing page, this resource teaches you how to do a test by going beyond the average start-up catalogue page. One way to do so is by swapping the order of your products. This article also talks about “Primacy effect” and “Extremeness aversion”, which are two insights that will drive the test.

How is your pricing page performing so far? Do you have any questions or comments regarding the resources listed above? Tell us in the comments section below.

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