Email Marketing – Top 5 Resources to Strengthen your Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is currently the #1 channel for B2B marketers, simply because it’s cheap, quick, direct, and measurable. It builds brand awareness, increases sales, enhances lead generation, and strengthens customer relationships.

According to a study conducted by Magill research in 2012, the average ROI for every $1 spent was $39. The 2013 Marketing Sherpa Benchmark Report found 60% of respondents cited email as the channel producing the highest ROI.

Here are 5 articles that you will surely find useful in strengthening your email marketing strategies.

1. How to Improve Email Clickthrough Rate by 583%

Beginner Level. By Mike Volpe on Hubspot Blog

The click-through rate shows how many users clicked on a certain link attached to an email. It measures the success of an email campaign. This article shares simple but effective strategies to improve email click-through rate from 2.4% to 6.4% — targeting the right people using video and humour.

2. 7 Examples of Successful Email Templates

Beginner Level. By Jenna Hanington on Pardot Blog

The first few seconds after your recipient opens your email is crucial. This resource features 7 successful email templates and their secrets. You will learn the best practices of creating an email template such as how the contents are organized, especially the placement of call to action, as well as using the right colors and design.

3. Dissecting the Anatomy of a Five-Star Email

Intermediate Level. By Meghan Lockwood on Hubspot Blog

This article talks about using pre-designed email templates to enhance your email marketing strategies. Whether promoting a single offer or sending ecommerce emails – or even combining both variations – this resource will help you build the perfect template.

4. 5 Questions That Can Keep You Off Email Blacklists

Intermediate Level. By Molly Hoffmeister on Pardot

Before being overzealous and sending an email to each and every one of your targets, make sure you have warmed up enough to avoid ending up on blacklists. Ask yourself the 5 questions on this article to keep your business away from your prospects’ spam folder and ultimately losing your reputation.

5. Email Deliverability: Only 39% of marketers maintain an opt-in only subscriber list

Intermediate Level. By Daniel Burstein on Marketing Sherpa Blog

Surprisingly, only 39% of marketers use an opt-in only subscriber list. Other ways to improve email deliverability rates from real customers are discussed in this resource. It talks about dealing with inactive subscribers and the ROI of embedding videos in emails

If you think there is something else we should add to this list of resources, please let us know. Drop a comment below!

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