PPC – Top 5 Resources to Get Leads and Learn About Pay per Click Advertising

An effective digital marketing strategy doesn’t comprise of just one factor, but a combination of different tools. PPC (Pay per Click) is a part of such formula, that when used properly, will drive traffic to your online business.

In 2012, half of agencies reported an increase in ROI from PPC. This shows proper use of PPC can be a great step towards your business’ success.

To learn more about PPC, take a look at these 5 resources we have gathered for you.

1. 8 Times When You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Using PPC

Intermediate Level. By Amanda Sibley on Hubspot Blog

Most internet marketers are moving away from PPC and towards other strategies like social media marketing and blogging. In this article, you will learn about certain situations when PPC could be a good tactic, such as driving quick results and targeting your niche audience.

2. 4 Clever PPC Opportunities Ecommerce Marketers Won’t Want to Miss

Intermediate Level. By Chris Darabi on Hubspot Blog

This resource provides the easiest and quickest ways to stay on top of your customers’ minds using PPC. Model number campaigns, long-tail keyword expansion, competitive campaign, and pricing in ads are explored.

3. PPC Marketing: Call tracking increases leads 98%, decreases CPA 43%

Intermediate Level. By David Kirkpatrick on MarketingSherpa

This post features a case study on how Paycheck was able to achieve 98% more leads and 43% less cost-per-acquisition (CPA). It involves 6 steps, from uncovering the problem areas in data collection to using new insights to improve automated bidding. You will learn how tracking data on PPC will strengthen your online advertising strategy.

4. Google Announces Upcoming AdWords Changes

Intermediate Level. By Tim Niziak on Pardot

With the trend of customers no longer limited to PCs when using the Internet, Google Adwords restructures their game plan by going multi-device for Ad campaigns. This resource provides you with information on the new enhanced campaigns to understand the changes better.

5. How to Save Up to 50% on Your PPC with Quality Score

Advanced Level. By Larry Kim on Hubspot Blog

Account Activity and Quality Score are the two metrics that are closely linked to success. In this article, the previous statement is backed up by statistics and important tips you should keep in mind to optimize your PPC campaigns.

Do you have any questions related to PPC and online advertising? We’d love to help you find the answers. Just leave a comment below.

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