SEO – Top 5 Resources to Boost Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

The main reason why businesses set up a website is so that people can find them and read about their products or services. According to a study by Interconnected World on Shopping and Personal Finance in 2012, 61% of Internet users worldwide research products online. With the help of an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, a website will appear on top – or least on the first page – of search engine results.

Here, we have put together five resources which should help you learn about SEO and maximize its capabilities.

1. How to Breathe New Life into Your Google Search Results with Rich Snippets

Beginner Level. By Diana Urban on Hubspot Blog

This resource teaches you how to generate more website traffic with the help of snippets. It talks about rich snippets and how they are installed. You will also learn the type of rich snippets and their important elements.

2. Everything You Need to Know to Dominate Local Search

Intermediate Level. By Rebecca Churton Hubspot Blog

If you are in the process of having your business getting recognized in your local community online, then this resource is for you. It teaches you ways to optimize for local search, on and off your website. This way, you can stay on top of search engine results pages.

3. The Ultimate Guide to Traffic Generation

Intermediate Level. By Charles Floate on God of SEO

This resource is a great guide to getting traffic from sources aside from organic searches. It starts with finding and understanding your target audience, thengetting to the actual work of traffic generation. It features a comprehensive collection of video tutorials on the best possible tools, plus actionable tips and tricks.

4. How to Increase Traffic with My Custom Google Analytics Profile

Intermediate Level.By Matthew Woodward on

This video tutorial will teach you how to use Google Analytics to generate more traffic. You get to learn how to create a custom profile. You can also take a look at the writer’s personal ‘magic filter’ and how he uses it to grow traffic.

5. The Ultimate Guide to Tiered Link Building Part 1

Intermediate Level. By Matthew Woodward on

Here’s one more video tutorial. It will teach you exactly what tiered link building is. You will also learn its benefits, how to use it to rank sites easily, and how to setup a multi tiered link building campaign.

There you have it! If you think there should be more added to this list, please share it to us by commenting below.


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