Video Marketing – Top 5 Resources to Improve your Video Content

With YouTube now the 2nd biggest search engine after Google, video marketing should be a key part of your content marketing strategy.

Video is very effective in moving your prospects along the buying journey; in fact after watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online, according to ComScore.

Here are 5 of the best posts from the top thought leaders in the industry. Read these 5 articles and you’ll be well on your way to online video marketing greatness.

1. Simplifying Video Marketing: 5 Ideas to Get Started

Beginner Level. By Eloqua on Eloqua Blog

Creating video content is not reliant on hiring a production company, leveraging fancy editing software, or integrating some actors and a copywriting script firm. This post covers the basic formats of video content: interviews, whiteboards, memes and repurposed content.

2. 3 Ways to Integrate Video into Email Nurture Campaigns

Beginner Level. By Jon Spenceley on Eloqua Blog

This resource covers the basics of using video marketing in your email nurture campaigns: how to embed and what kind of content is effective in email. It also gives examples of interviews, teasers (for webinars/events) and product news.

3.Which Genres of Branded Video Work Best?

Intermediate Level. By Allan Johnson on MarketingProfs

This one features a simple graphical framework to pick the best video style for your marketing message. It splits the video content into 3 genres to match the main reasons people share content: to express, impress and inform. It also provides excellent examples to get you thinking.

4. 10 Video SEO Tips To Improve Rank and User Experience

Intermediate Level. By Chelsea Adams on Bruce Clay

This post covers optimizing your video to give the maximum benefit for SEO. It covers video quality, keyword optimization, and search ability.  It gets into a bit of technical detail around YouTube embedding and sitemaps.

5. Apple’s Product Videos: Corporate Fluff or Brilliant Mission Statements?

Advanced Level. By Dan Lyons on Hubspot Blog

This post explains how to capture your mission statement in a video and use it for online video marketing. It analyses Apple as a case study and provides some good pointers.

Have any more quality articles on online video marketing to add to the list? Don’t be shy. Share them in the comments below!

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