Our Story

Why does Hoosh exist?

We believe that:

  • Marketing the profession is undergoing major transformation
  • Marketers need to take their place at the forefront of revenue generation
  • Marketing & sales need to work as one (like two parents)
  • Technology vendors (Marketo) cannot do this alone

Who does Hoosh serve?

We help:

  • Customers – marketers who use software in our MarTech stack
  • Vendors – of software in our MarTech stack
  • Hoosh employees
  • Investors

How does Hoosh help Customers?

The way we serve our customers:

  • Partner with marketers to help them with transformation
  • Enable marketers to be/prove they are critical to business survival & growth
  • Make sales reps love their marketing teams because marketing is driving their success
  • Implement the best marketing technology

What does Hoosh do for customers?

We perform the following work:

  • Execute our process for transformation: tech, people & process
  • Make Marketo (and other tech) work so marketers can be/prove they are critical
  • Help sales reps succeed by leveraging marketing data in their CRM
  • Extend & enhance the Marketo platform to enable transformation
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