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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in CRM

Customer-relationship management (CRM) is a system that helps businesses manage their customer database. The customers’ and prospects’ interactions with the company in the past are recorded, which can be used for marketing purposes in the future.

University of the People (UoPeople) Increased Engagement and Conversion to 72% with Hoosh’s 2-Way SMS Solution

Established in 2009, University of the People (UoPeople) is the world’s first tuition-free, non-profit, American accredited distance learning university. With a ground-breaking online learning model and academic leadership stemming from Oxford, Harvard, and Columbia University, UoPeople is the most accessible and affordable distance learning university that offers high-quality educational opportunities to anyone in the world who has completed high school in their native country.

Berklee Increased their Lead Generation by 420% at Over 100 Events Last Year using Marketo Offline Forms

Berklee’s implementation of Hoosh’s offline forms and landing page, made lead capturing 7x faster resulting in an increase of 420% in leads collected at over 100 events. The offline form was a successful solution as all leads were smoothly added to Marketo, even without internet connectivity.

The Advantages Companies Experience when they use Marketo Workspace and Person Partitions

The main challenge is how can companies make sure that each email message was sent out to the correct email address in their specific region. In other words, the US email campaign might have different content than what the APAC email campaign contains. This is where Marketo person partitions come in handy for data management in organising prospects, attendees, and crew communication based on their specific region.

The Power of Using Marketo Offline Forms at Live Events

The great thing about attending live events is everyone in sales, marketing and IT can benefit from networking and gather live data of potential leads and storing them, simultaneously, into a company database. This is where Marketo offline forms become extremely convenient and useful because companies can capture live actions and record contact information from the events registration, without the use of the internet.

Inspired Video – Jessica Kao

We interviewed Jessica Kao, a Marketo Champion class of Winter 2016. Before she started her career as a marketer, Jessica was a field application scientist with a Ph.D. in Oncology. She then became a Marketing Program Manager at Affymetrix where she was introduced to marketing automation. At present, Jessica is working as a Client Services Director at Digital Pi. For her, sharing knowledge about marketing automation is what a true Marketo Champion really does.

Inspired Video – Ashley Ayan

We interviewed Aslihan Ayan, a Marketo Champion since Winter of 2016. She started her career as a developer, she then moved from a website development and design to Search Engine Optimization, from there she progressed into adwords PPC campaigns. It all became an opportunity for her to explore marketing automation to be able to tie each of those different campaigns into one platform. At present, Aslihan works as a Senior Marketing Consultant at Demand Spring. According to her making mistakes in marketing automation is not bad at all, in fact it allows you to learn more about it.

Inspired Video – Chris Saporito

We interviewed Chris Saporito, a Marketo Champion since Summer of 2016. Chris initially obtained a marketing position at a co-op through the program that he was pursuing at the University of Cincinnati. After being hired for full time at that co-op, he learned about HubSpot that instigated his interest in marketing automation technology. At present, Chris is working as an Associate Manager of Marketing Technology at Paycor. He is passionate about marketing automation and considers it as the future of marketing.

people2people Saved 768 Hours (19 working weeks) in a year with its New Marketing Automation Strategies

Marketo users learned about new marketing strategies, Marketo's Google Alliance and the first customer success story shared at a MUG. Our client people2people, the fastest growing agency in AU shared how they were able to save 768 hours in a year (19 working weeks) with its new marketing automation strategies.

The Superannuation Company Effortlessly Updates 300+ Event Details with a Dynamic Landing Page Solution.

The Superannuation Company offers flexible retirement and investment options for over 2 million members in Australia. In 2017, the company will host over 300 events and seminars across Australia. It has used Hoosh Marketing’s Dynamic Landing Page Solution.

The Truth About Marketing Automation Benefits

Do you understand where marketing automation benefits can add value to your business? Vendors are great at pitching the nirvana of their software; but do you know how much of it is real or how it applies to your company?

Tackling the Biggest Challenges of Social Media Marketing with Marketing Automation

Social Media Marketing is not without its challenges. These issues can often prevent companies adopting social media plans at all.

Marketing Automation Quiz: Do I Need It?

Find out if your company is ready to adopt marketing automation. This five- minute quiz evaluates if you are experiencing any of the tell-tale signs that indicate you need marketing automation.

Marketing Automation – It’s Like Fish Farming

Having troubles explaining Marketing Automation to others? Everyone has their own definition. However, none of them are easy to understand or remember.

Marketing Automation – Explained in 5 Easy Points

Having troubles explaining Marketing Automation to others? Everyone has their own definition. However, none of them are easy to understand or remember.

Marketing Automation Comparison: Don’t Pay for More

Don’t pay for Marketing Automation features you’ll never use. Use our marketing automation comparison to help you select the right Marketing Automation software to suit your needs and learn to understand what capabilities are available and which features you’ll actually need for success.

Is Marketing Automation for Small Business?

Want to know if your company is ‘big’ enough for Marketing Automation? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

How to Close More Deals with Marketing Automation

One of the key outcomes of rolling out marketing automation is for your sales team to close more deals.

Email Marketing vs. Marketing Automation

Don’t understand the difference between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation? Not sure which one you need?

7 Reasons Why a CRM Can’t Replace Marketing Automation

Wondering if you can get away with just using Client Management Software (CRM) for your marketing activities?

6 IT Skills You Need for Marketing Automation

Most Marketing Automation vendors claim their software is easy-to-use and doesn’t require any technical skills.

Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation: Like Romeo & Juliet

Just like Romeo & Juliet belonged to warring families, Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation belong to competing companies.

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