An industry super fund for all Australians, Australian Catholic Superannuation aims to maximize retirement benefits by providing all individuals with various venture alternatives that permits lifetime of investment. All catholic sectors related to education, healthcare, aged care and welfare are catered by Australian Catholic Superannuation. As a matter of fact, it has earned a variety of industry awards in the recent years. Australian Catholic Superannuation was the winner of the Innovation and Transformation award at the Conexus Financial Superannuation Awards 2017. Recognised as an ABA100 winner for process improvement in 2017. Received the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees 2016 Best Member Facing Project (FUM under $10bn) Award for Excellence and many more recognitions beside these awards mentioned.

How Universities Can Increase Engagement through SMS

Text messages are usually considered the main distraction in the school environment, but they can also be an opportunity for University to engage with their students. See the possibilities.

Trump’s SMS Scare Campaign Fail

It was a surprise that Trump completely missed out the chance of using SMS as a key channel for his scare campaign. Let’s see where he failed and what he could have done differently.

SMS Scare Campaigns – Can they Turn an Election Tide?

In the recent Australian elections, the Australian Labour Party (ALP) used SMS as part of their marketing efforts. See their strategy and what they could have done better.

How we built a 2-Way SMS Competition for Marketo Summit

I am a great enthusiast of using 2-way SMS as a channel for events. It’s a mystery to me why most B2B marketers still haven’t explored this powerful channel for things like reminders, confirmations, competitions, etc.

SMS for Marketo – The Definitive Guide [Part 1]

In this 2-part article we cover every way you can use SMS as a channel in Marketo, from basic one-way SMS to hacking 2-way using forms to full enterprise-level SMS solutions.

SMS for Marketo – The Definitive Guide [Part 2]

In our previous article (part 1), we covered SMS basics and how to send SMS from Marketo using webhooks. We also briefly touched on several ways to do 2-way SMS in Marketo. In this article (part 2), we cover the first two methods on how to handle inbound SMS: the Marketo Form Hack & Custom Gateway integration.

Why Aren’t You Using SMS for Your B2B Events?

Not everyone can afford to build their own mobile event app ala Dreamforce. Plus, a mobile app is pretty useless for small events, or if you are a sponsor of someone else's event.

Why not use SMS instead? 2-Way SMS is a powerful tool for lead generation and attendee engagement at events, whether they are your own or 3rd party ones.

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